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Our range of educational resources for school and home use includes kits for children with specific learning needs as well as for mainstream learning.

The Starpacks product range has been developed in response to the needs of teachers, teaching assistants and parents who constantly find limited resources readily available.

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Time Saving

Teachers, are you fed up of scouring the

internet, downloading, printing and

laminating only to find that the result is

only just passable? Starpacks is the answer! Our kits are exceptional quality and complete... with no making skills required.

Fresh and Fun

Bright and colourful and easy-to-use all our products have been developed with safety and effective learning and development in mind.

“Fun, interactive, soothing, calming, interesting, exciting, rewarding” All words associated with effective learning and development and all words that inspire happy learning.

The entire Starpacks product range has been produced with specialist expert knowledge and rigorous research and development.

Consultation Service

We also provide a specific consultation service to both education providers and parents to develop strategies and teaching methods on a case by case basis.

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Why not create an INSTANT POP-UP Sensory Environment…

Our fantastic sensory tent pops up in a matter of seconds!

And creates an ideal sensory environment.

The darkened interior provides the perfect place for visual, auditory and tactile exploration.

Tents can be linked together to create a multiple sensory zones.

Use our light-up Sensory Calming Kit to create a soothing, gentle light environment which is perfect for reward time or ‘time out’ stress relief sessions.

The Kit contains visually relaxing items for group or individual sensory tent time.

Or combine with our light-up Sensory Interactive Kit to create a stimulating light and sound  environment which is an
ideal reward for good behaviour.

The kit contains a host of exciting items suitable for group or individual sensory tent time.

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