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This is one of our most versatile and useful tools and comes as a complete kit with no downloading, printing or laminating required. 


Use the table top easel to display the sequences of prompts and reminders during a lesson and reduce negative verbal communication.


Reduce disruption to the rest of the classroom whilst quietly and easily prompting a pupil who may need more encouragement for activities and participation with tasks.


When the pupil seems a little distracted or has lost concentration simply slot the next visual prompt card in the specially moulded transparent slot and continue on task.


The final slot is ideal for the star reward cards and the process when used regularly can show great improvements in memory, concentration and impulse control.


A rewarding system with positive reminders can greatly enhance the learning experience through developing concentration and focus especially for children with conditions such as A.D.H.D, ASD, short term memory and organisational difficulties.


A handy tool for the SEN classroom assistant for one to one support or as a group display.